2016 – 2017 Peninsula College Basketball

How can we generate excitement for the Peninsula College 2016-17 basketball season? What promotional materials will not only reach the campus, but the community, and instill a sense of pride in the basketball program from both the athletes and the fans?

The poster: a piece that features both the men’s and women’s team, along with their home conference games and an inspirational slogan. This poster can be placed in the community and around campus to create awareness and excitement so as to draw fans to attend games.
The program: designing the program cover to fit aesthetically with the poster creates a link between what draws in fans to the games, and what they see once at the games. It is also a piece that fans and players can take and use as memorabilia from the season, which lends itself to producing pride in the basketball program from players and fans.


Design, print


January 2017


Peninsula College

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