Running Start Information Night

To design promotional pieces for the upcoming Running Start Information Nights for Peninsula College. Washington State’s Running Start Program allows juniors and seniors enrolled at public high schools to enroll in college courses for both high school and college credit. Because Running Start is for high school students, the materials needed to be appealing to both the students who would be attending, as well as their parents.

The final materials included e-cards, flyers, and newspaper ads. To keep the design modern and clean, I used a combination of bright teal, blue, and green colors  in combination with geometric patterns and a sans-serif type face. Because of the number of events, it was important to keep the layout simple and straightforward, so as not to be confusing or cluttered. This was especially key to the newspaper ads, where the information would be presented in a small space in black and white. To further keep the design feeling young, there was subtle use of icons for location, as an extra imagery element.


Design, print, web


February 2017


Peninsula College

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