10 Barrel Brewing


Given pre-established brand guidelines and assets, create a range of digital and print deliverables for the new Nature Calls beer from 10 Barrel Brewing that promote the product and captures the essence of the brand. This is not an official project for the company.


10 Barrel Brewing is about more than just beer. It’s about a lifestyle, about nature and being with friends, having a good time and drinking your beer outside – whether that’s at your campsite close to town or on a mountain far from civilization. I wanted to capture that range in these materials and make them both approachable and exciting. Utilizing brand photography, I selected images to fit with this theme. 10 Barrel’s branding is minimal and I designed with this in mind, relying on their adventure imagery and bold typography to promote Nature Calls in both print and digital.


Marketing design, layout, print


10 Barrel Brewing

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