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Peninsula College Program Maps


Redesign Peninsula College program maps – documents that outline a common route one might take through a certain area of study at the college.

The old program maps were outdated and bland, lacking definition (see example here); the goal was to update the maps with current branding while making them clear with more clearly organized content. Maps varied in length from three to eleven pages, which meant finding a design that would work with a wide range of content across all programs.


I started with thumbnail sketches, working to get a loose idea of layouts that might fit with the type and amount of content. For this project, the Area of Study colors and icons were already established by Peninsula College. Once a general layout design had been established, I focused on bringing those existing colors into each map, creating hierarchy with the arrow like tabs and text sizes, and clearly delineating each category with a white bar. Using all of these elements, the final maps are on brand, clear, and easy to read despite the large amounts of content.


Design, layout, print


January 2020


Peninsula College

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